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If you follow me on Instagram (@kendrapope7 or @naturaltalk), you've seen that over the past year, I've been taking #babysteps to get dangerous chemicals out of our home. If you're lost as to why there are dangerous chemicals in our house, read on! My initial interest in this started because a friend told me about Young Living Essential oils. I was skeptical about all of the touted benefits, but thought it would be nice, at the very least, to diffuse EO's in my home to help with positive thinking throughout our days... aaaaand to make my house smell like a spa! Who doesn't love the smell of a spa?;-) So I became a member with the premium starter kit that they offer and started diffusing away!

I noticed there were many different EO's and began reading and researching about each one of them. This is where cutting chemicals comes in...

I was shocked when I read about the known hazardous chemicals that are found in our every day household cleaners and personal products. Do some research on the ingredients in your stuff! I started taking steps right away to change both to all-natural, plant based products. I began DIY'ing a lot of things. Never did I imagine I would make my own deodorant, but after I read that ingredient list, there was no way I was going to continue using what I had. Little did I know that when I enrolled with Young Living, they were a company that strives for natural health and wellness in ALL that they do! So, not only was I getting the highest quality (click link to learn about the quality of YL EO's Seed To Seal Guarantee) essential oils, but I was now made privy to the fact they sell tons of oil-infused personal products, supplements and household cleaners... and I already signed up for the discount. HOORAY! *if you want to know why I chose YL as the company to start this journey with, I'd love to share. Email me! klpope@sb2w.org

As a person who is pursuing wellness in the first place (Fitness and spiritual wellness are my faves), I was thrilled and have been using their products (with my member discount;-)) ever since! If you want to know more about this please feel free to email me at klpope@sb2w.org. You can also click HERE if you want enroll to become a member of Young Living. The kit I started with is below and it is by far the most "bang for you buck" if you're ready to get started on your journey with EO's. The diffuser is a must have!

This company and these oils have changed the way I look at so many things we allow into our homes and our bodies. You will NOT regret looking into it! I'm SO excited about teaching other's what I've learned as I've taken these #babysteps. Let me know how I can help you!

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