Monday, January 13, 2014

God Wanted to Talk to Me

This morning got off to a bit of a late start for me. As I was rushing from one thing to the next, I felt several promptings from the Lord to just sit with Him for a few minutes.  A couple came through my husband and a couple from the Holy Spirit in my own heart, but each time I told myself I would right after I did this or that... and the list never ends. Well, I finally sat down after breakfast and kitchen clean up, getting the kids dressed and the girl's hair done and off to school, and cracked open my Bible. I'm reading in Matthew right now.

Let me backtrack for just a sec. As I was walking to the couch I picked up a devotional book and thought I'd get a couple of verses to focus on for the day, but something in my heart said to go ahead and progress with my daily reading through Matthew. I'm in chapter 6 starting on verse 16.

Yea, it's about fasting. How we shouldn't do it show others how religious we are, but we should do it in secret and, "your Father, who sees what is done in secret will reward you." Those words leapt of the page at me and the Lord wasn't giving me any more insight into fasting.

As a mom I often struggle with all the jobs I have to complete that I get no love for whatsoever. All of my life I've had so much support and encouragement, and although my husband does make a point to tell me thank you and I noticed this or that, I still feel like I'm alone on the Island of perpetual motherhood too often. Call me vain, but I like a "great job Kendra" or a pat on the back every once in a while. Not necessarily for approval but for encouragement.

Well, guess what? Being a stay-at-home mother of 5 children, six and under, there aren't many pats on the back or great jobs from a whole lot of people. Most of the hard work I do day in and day out IS in SECRET.

But nothing is hidden from God's eyes. 

It was such an encouragement for me to hear those words from my Heavenly Father this morning...Kendra, though the world may not see ANYTHING you're doing here, I see everything you're doing and I have a great reward for you. That's what he spoke to my heart this morning.

Was I excited to do my picking up, organizing, reorganizing, diaper changes, nursing the baby (and a million other things) today? Yes, I actually was. He knows how much I long to get that high five for a job well done and The God of the Universe chose to give it to me today. I only gave him 3 minutes of my time and focus. He gave me so much more.

Purpose, focus, hope, Himself.

It was such a refreshing reminder that what I do within these walls to serve the family the He has given me HE SEES and HE WILL REWARD.  To think I may have missed it. Many times I have. But, praise God, not today!:)

 Has God done the same for anyone else recently? If so, please share!