Friday, May 29, 2015

A Confident Summer!

Hi Friends! It's been SO long since I've posted! Some day I do hope to get more consistent at this... I think my plan for this summer will help. The plan is to log what we're up to as a family here on the blog, with pics and updates as we spend quality time together and make the most of the summer. A lot of you know our summer's are super consumed with CAMP! Our ministry at camp is SO important to us and we absolutely LOVE spending our summer's here at Citikidz where God has called us. With daddy's longer summer hours it helps to have some things on the schedule for the kids and I to enjoy together. This summer is no different EXCEPT that I have a PLAN in order to help the kid's and I thrive.

Let me be the first to say, I'm not bent toward planning and especially having a written plan, which is where The Confident Mom comes in.

I'm pumped to share what tool I'm using to help! There's a hint in the title of this post!! It's "The 2015 Confident Mom Summer Survival Calendar!" This thing is AMAZING! Click HERE to go and check it out. Susan has been a great encouragement to me! I should tell her that!:-) She is super empowering and offers tons of GREAT tools and resources to help mom's be amazing and keep families healthy. I hope it's helpful to you too! I'll be picking up my first week of supplies this weekend! I'm not planning on following it to a "T" as our summers here at camp give us chance to do some things I get to add in, but it is SO great to have all the activities she suggests WITH lists of what you need to pick up and a date to do them on! AHHH! Thank you Susan!!

My kid's finish up school on the 5th of June and I'm planning a "Start the Summer Party" for when they arrive home that afternoon. Complete with water guns, water balloons, popsicles and we'll see what else I decide to throw in there.:-) Shhhhhh... don't tell them.;-) I'm really looking forward to getting started and am hoping to inspire someone else out there to do the same!

Happy DAY!